Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new life in the United States has attracted much attention and curiosity from the American people.

When it was revealed last month that the royal couple had signed a Netflix deal that saw them being paid $150 million, their popularity soared amongst US citizens.

But this has a massive effect on their current standing with the British citizens. It has been widely covered and reported how a majority of the Britons would rather want Harry and Meghan’s title of the Duke and Duchess to remove from them.

Royal experts project a great future from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Their separation from the royal firm has proven them more successful, with deals from massive media outlets to high-end engagements.

What does this really mean for the royal couple?

Expert Eric Schiffer believes that the two will have to pay a high price for their sudden success. Their Netflix deal has already seen them in some deep trouble with the royal firm.

News circulated that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have plans to open their home and their lives to the public, showcasing their now ‘private life’ in a fly-on-the-wall limited reality TV series.

Despite the couple’s adamant rejection of the idea, royal fans believe that the couple was caught in the midst of planning the reality series.

The early leakage of the Sussex TV has caused the couple and their camp to deny this. Netflix alleges that they want their slice of the royal couple, and to get this, they are producing a limited reality series of the two.

Sources inside the Sussex camp reveals that the couple is not closed to the idea even though they have publicly denied the rumor. As long as the reality series is sophisticated and highlights their philanthropic work, they are in.

Eric Schiffer has debunked this, saying that even if the couple works with a production group that will show them as a regal couple, their life will never be sophisticated outside the royal folds.

He also claims that the couple did not think the deal thoroughly, saying that now they are at a place where huge pressure is put on their shoulders to produce shows that matter so they will not look like spoiled elites.

The couple has been striving hard to showcase a down-to-earth side, engaging in plebian events and recently a podcast hosted by teenagers.