The couple is doing everything it can to support a recently formed mental health platform dubbed Our Frontline, offering relentless assistance to those on the frontline of the crisis. In a statement, the Duke of Cambridge noted that their top priority at the moment is to support the platform.

The pair's royal foundation is officially backing the service, which is a joint effort of charities Hospice UK, Shout, Samaritans, and Mind. These charities have teamed up to deliver a combination of 1-to-1 support, coupled with resources for carers, NHS workers, the Blue Light emergency services, as well as key workers who are highly likely to experience mental health-related issues at this time.

In a statement, marking the launch of the platform, Prince William noted that the millions of frontline workers have been putting their mental, as well as physical well-being on the line over the past few weeks to protect Britons amid the coronavirus pandemic. Despite worrying about the risks to themselves and their families, they continue to confront traumatic situations, which take a massive toll.

If they do not receive the right support at the right time, the challenges they face will only aggravate. Kate and William along with The Royal Foundation will do all they can to support frontline workers, he said, adding that this work will be their top priority for the next few months, Town&Country reported.

The couple has long made raising awareness of the importance of mental well-being, which is also a key element of their work. Following coronavirus's arrival in the U.K., both Kate and William have unceasingly supported the NHS and Public Health England’s mental health initiatives, urging people to take care of themselves. They even narrated a short video that shows available resources.

The Duke of Cambridge monitored a roundtable call on Tuesday with the NHS and emergency services representatives to know more about the mental health challenges affecting key workers and how can Our Frontline support them. CEO of Mind Paul Farmer admitted that frontline workers are subject to huge physical and mental challenges, and that is why it is important to ensure they can easily access information and contact trained advisors to encourage good mental health any time of day or night.

Mental Health Innovations chief executive Victoria Hornby highlighted how the charity groups have teamed up to help. Million of Britons have come together to form the frontline and charities have joined them to support the mental health of these essential workers, Hornby noted.