Jennifer Aniston took to her Instagram handle this Sunday and uploaded an endearing video, which featured her cute little Labrador.

The Friends alum’s followers were ecstatic when she flaunted her latest addition to the family on Instagram. She also revealed its uncommon name Lord Chesterfield on social media.

This is not the first dog at her home as she already has two other dogs in her home – a white pitbull called Sophie and a Schnauzer mix called Clyde. Jen’s adorable clip melted the hearts of millions of her fans and many of them could not resist commenting on her recent furry addition.

The clip showed the little dog sleeping on the sofa after it had chewed a new toy. Aniston also had a sweet caption for the footage to introduce her new furry friend to the world.

She mentioned how the pooch stole her heart instantly and expressed her gratitude to @wagmorpets for their excellent work. Jen wrote she was grateful for the incredible care the organization takes care of the rescued dogs and finds a permanent home.

Her fans and celebrity friends were quick enough to post some beautiful comments in response to Jen’s clip. A fan mentioned that the Labrador is adorable and their dog is also called Chesterfield. Another follower wrote: “He is so cute.”

A third follower wrote that Jen was simply amazing. They look up to her for her love for animals. Jennifer Aniston is an enthusiastic animal lover, HELLO! Magazine reports.

The Morning Show star’s existing two dogs have become incredibly popular on her Instagram account ever since she joined there last October. Lilly Collins, her fellow actress, admired everything about her little addition, starting from its name, pose, and the cuteness, reports.

Millie Bobby Brown, another actress, responded with a cute emoji. Meanwhile, Jen keeps posting photos and clips featuring her pets. It is almost certain that her fans are going to see quite a lot of Lord Chesterfield on her Instagram page and become a celeb in its own right.

The actress opened up in an interview given to Dog Monthly last year, where she confessed her love for her pets. She also revealed that they were among her best friends.

The Horrible Bosses actress mentioned that she remembers one of her dogs with a tattoo. Jen mentioned that the dog was called Norman and that he was her best friend for several years.

The dog was 15-years-old when he passed away and she was devastated. Jennifer Aniston has a tattoo of his name on her right foot. It is symbolic in a way as she feels he is still coming for walks with her.