The one-time savior of the American box office continues to perform below expectations in the United States. This weekend, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet was outperformed by The War With Grandpa, a comedy starring Robert de Niro.

Variety reports that Tenet had to give the top spot on the American box office to The War With Grandpa over the weekend. The comedy film managed to earn $3.36 million, enough to overshadow Tenet’s $2.1 million weekend-take.

According to Variety, The War With Grandpa was actually meant to be released back in 2018 but became a casualty of the dissolution of The Weinstein Company after Harvey Weinstein was revealed as a serial sexual predator and harasser.

Deadline quotes Laurent Ouaknine of 101 Studios as saying that the company is proud to offer a family film that is bringing families back to theaters. 101 Studios is the studio distributing The War With Grandpa.

Deadline also noted that 46 percent of the people that watched The War With Grandpa had not returned to movie theaters because of the lack of new films being shown. A whopping 90 percent of audiences who watched The War With Grandpa also shared that they felt comfortable and safe watching the movie in a theater.

The publication also included the other films that made up the weekend’s top 10. Holding strong in third place is the Bette Midler comedy Hocus Pocus, which a couple of weekends ago was almost able to overtake Tenet with a weekend take of $1.9 million from 2,570 theaters.

The New Mutants was in fourth place, bringing in $685,000 for Disney and bringing its cumulative total to $21.99 million on its seventh weekend in movie theaters. Disney has also re-released its animated film Coco, which ended up making $603,000 over the weekend.

Tenet's disappointing performance in the American box office has had far-reaching effects, with studios changing the release dates of their possible blockbusters to avoid damage to their bottom line.

For instance, Wonder Woman 1984 had to move its premiere date to Christmas Day rather than its Oct. 2 release date. Other films that changed their premiere dates include Disney’s Black Widow, Jurassic World: Dominion, No Time to Die, Candyman, and The King’s Man.

The film and theater industry's situation is unlikely to get any better as the global coronavirus pandemic continues to rage in the United States and in multiple countries. The Oct. 11 update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pegs the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 7,694,865 people. COVID-19 deaths are now at 213,614 people.

Around the world, there are now 37,109,851confirmed COVID-19 cases, as per the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 dashboard for Oct. 11. There are now 1,070,355 people that have died from COVID-19 worldwide.