The royal life seems to be the perfect goal of living; there are servants on their beckoning and so much more. But this also creates a lot of negative outlook on the royal firm, understandably they are of royal blood but in this century, it seems like people don’t get why the British royal firm still stands.  

It has been revealed several times that Prince Charles, the heir apparent, is the most spoilt royal member.

As the oldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, he was indeed brought up in the most royal fashion. According to past royal aides of the Prince, the second-in-line to the throne has never lifted a finger, not even once.

There have been explosive documentaries about Prince Charles’s way of living, most of this depicts the Prince as pampered.

A former aide of the Prince’s house has exposed that Prince Charles’s bath is drawn for him by two of his servants, from tying up his boots to combing his hair, the pampered Prince gets his servants to do it for him.

These stories have affected Prince Charles's popularity amongst the common people. His ex-wife, the late Princess Diana, was the exact opposite of Prince Charles and was more love than he was.

So how is Prince William and Prince Harry fairing on the spoilt-o-meter?

Insiders who have worked with Prince William in Kensington Palace have revealed that the Prince is not spoilt and is far from his father.

According to the insider, the third-in-line to the throne is said to love to do things on his own, making Prince William feel normal.

Despite knowing that he will be the future King of England after his father, Prince William takes great pride in being able to sympathize with the working class.

An attitude which he is trying to instill in his own three children.

Prince Harry is also the exact opposite of his father, like a brother, Prince William, Prince Harry also loves getting down and dirty and doing the menial things by himself.

This was shown in one of the documentaries about the royal princes' life, wherein Harry was cleaning his own shoes before a Polo match and was laughed at by his father.

Insiders are saying that Prince Charles struggles greatly with his popularity amongst common folks back then, but was evened out by Princess Diana.

Now, the Prince has become more unpopular due to his decision to marry Camilla Parker-Bowles, his lover during his marriage with Diana.