Tom Hollander is being widely praised for hoisting the flag of openness, honesty, and not keeping holding it inside what everyone does but don’t talk about. 

Tom Hollander, with his latest column, shed light on his daily routine where he sided with honestly to talk about his habit of peeing in the dark and masturbating – and he has also talked about what makes it so relatable to everyone.

The English actor has been an important part of the industry for a long time - having proved his mettle on-screen with movies such as "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Into the Loop," "About Time," and "Pride & Prejudice" among a string of others. In a career spanning around four decades, Hollander has won the Ian Charleson Award, BAFTA Television Award, and many more.

The 53-year-old, who is also a proficient write stitched out a piece on his routine in The Sunday Times’ "A Life In The Day" – with which he kept the focus on what keeps the day moving and details of non-core work.

An exciting excerpt from the piece brings to light Hollander’s uncut and non-restrained thoughts on routine jobs of his life.

The excerpt reads, "They all woke up incredibly early then ran several businesses and did 150 press ups before breakfast and it was just one long boast. I pee in the darkness using my phone screen to illuminate the target, then often take half a sleeping pill, turn on the World Service very quietly and try to go to sleep."

The actor further adds on to say that what he does in the morning depends largely on the weather. In case, it is sunny, he would get on the wheels for a long ride and if it raining, he would “masturbate” and get back to bed. In a nutshell, he talked about life how most people have it - the general version of it nothing fancy. 

The column was a complete departure from usual columns that celebrities generally write about their nearly perfect lifestyle and stuff.

Celebrity columns are always loved as fans get a peek into the life of those who interest them. But most of them fail to meet the reality threshold that Hollander has touched in style – in a way that fans around the globe are loving very much. His fellow celebrities may derive a lesson out of it and may want to apply the same in the future.