It’s not a new thing for the former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal to surprise his ever-crazy fans. Through insane dance parties, unexpected appearances anywhere anytime, and even lovely, personalized surprises for people from his fandom, Shaq is ready to go the distance in order to be the reason for hilarity – and that is exactly what keeps the big man happy. Here we are, he does it again!

Shaquille O’Neal crashed an online convo going on within the cast members of "The Boys" with a surprise entry. Well, it wasn’t just to talk or learn about the show, as a matter of fact, the big guy has expressed his wish to join "The Boys" team for the upcoming season 3. Fans might be thinking, is it really possible? Hell yes, everywhere sight can be set can be made possible.

On Thursday, during a New York Comic-Con virtual panel, the castmates of "The Boys" discussed season 2 which has now been finished and they also took all the questions that fans might have about the making, what to expect, and the upcoming season.

The cast was taken by surprise when the Los Angeles Lakers legend made a cameo. Eric Kripke, the showrunner introduced Shaq as a ‘superfan’ of the show. Shaq made his intentions for the visit very clear in the very beginning as he kept on demanding to be given a place in The Boys’ superteam, The Seven.

From tone to his body language, everything suggested that he was very excited to be there among the cast of "The Boys" and even more psyched up to join them for season 3.

Always in a jolly mood, Shaq had a lot of fun playing with filters on his phone as he transformed himself into a glittery-eyed demon and many more characters.

Shaq shed light on what he exactly wants from The Boys. Expressing his enthusiasm, the former court master said, “I want to be part of The Seven. I also wanna know who’s the biggest prankster on the set? Let me know. The number one power I possess – I can transform anytime. Who is the biggest prankster on the set? I want to know now or I will release the power. Make me part of The Seven, now. Now!”

Shaq also said that he would love to be called Black Demon as he has got every power needed to justify the ‘demonship.’ Does it mean, he is coming with season 3? Not official yet.