Nero needs help and the Magic Knights cannot wait for reinforcements in Black Clover Episode 147. The new episode is called Prepared To Die.

Warning: Spoilers ahead, read if you wish to know more

The official preview trailer Black Clover Episode 147 is out and it shows that the Magic Knights are preparing to attack and rescue Nero.

“We finally caught up with them! They really are heading to the Spade Kingdom. Next time on Black Clover Episode 147, Prepared To Die. We can’t wait for reinforcements! Nero, we are coming to save you,” reads the preview text.

In the last episode, the Devil Banishers try to treat Siona who is badly injured. Master Kabwe decides to kill Nero for the sake of Siona. But he is stopped by another Devil Banisher. Kabwe argues that Nero is of no use to them any longer.  

Meanwhile, Siona’s condition worsens and she starts to have convulsions. Soon, other Devil Banishers start to collapse one by one.  

It appears that Devil Believers have poisoned the banishers. Dazu tells them that they worship the devil.  She tells Kabwe that they didn’t turn to them for help but take advantage of their devil hatred.  

She adds that they wanted to get information that he, a Magic Parliament member, could attain that the peasants could not.

She reveals that they needed someone who could use magic to deal with the Magic Knights. Dazu remembers an incident from childhood when her friends asked her to use her catalyst magic to mix their magic. She recalls she was happy to see their smiling faces.

However, when she overheard them behind her back, saying that they were only acting like her friends because she did not have any friends. They even went to call her creepy.

Black Clover Episode 147 is scheduled to telecast on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020. The episodes are currently streaming in Japanese with English subtitles.

The voice artists for the anime series includes Kenichirou Matsuda as Gordon Agrippa, Gakuto Kajiwara as Asta, Kana Yuuki as Noelle Silva, Nobunaga Shimazaki as Yuno, Satoshi Hino as Gauche Adlai, Hitomi Sasaki as Marie Adlai, Wakana Kowaka as Paulie Angel, Hitomi Sasaki as Aruru, Aoi Koga as Helene Barbary, Genki Muro as Baro, Jun Miyamoto as Ben Benfunk, Natsuki Hanae as Rill Boismortier, Yuu Ayase as Letoile Becquerel and Ray Hurd as Brocos.

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