Yet another celebrity has joined paid subscription service OnlyFans after actress Bella Thorne made a splash on the service last month. This time around, Thorne’s ex-boyfriend and fellow actor Tyler Posey is joining the service.

Page Six reports that the 28-year-old Teen Wolf star made the announcement on his Instagram account. In the 49-second video, Posey talked about his career and then sang a song about OnlyFans. He did all of this while being naked.

In the song, Posey talked about playing the guitar without any clothes on and promising that following him on OnlyFans would mean them being best friends. In the caption, Posey simply said that he has done it and asked his followers to join him.

Posey also released a statement explaining his decision to join the site, pointing out that a lot of his fans have been leaving comments asking him to join the subscription service. The actor said he plans to use the service to come up with unique content as well as give fans a fun experience.

As Insider notes, Posey joining OnlyFans has been met with mostly positive reactions from fans and the general public alike. Some tweets called the actor signing up to OnlyFans a “mood,” while others declared that they were definitely interested in the content.

The interest comes from the fact that OnlyFans has become more popularly known for adult and X-rated content from sex workers, adult performers, and influencers. While celebrities like Cardi B and Black Chyna also have OnlyFans accounts, it was 22-year-old actress Bella Thorne that recently made a splash on the service.

The day that Thorne joined the service, the actress was able to make $1 million in 24 hours. Thorne said that she would be using the money earned to fund her production company as well as for research on a film she is working on with director Sean Baker.

Thorne also encountered controversy when she charged her subscribers $200 for a nude photo that turned out to be her in her underwear. The action resulted in OnlyFans limiting the tip amount creators can ask for on the site, severely impacting the impact of sex workers on OnlyFans.

Another celebrity joining OnlyFans could definitely impact other sex workers on the service, which people pointed out upon the announcement of Posey joining OnlyFans. One Twitter user decried Posey’s mostly positive welcome while Thorne got the opposite reception.

Yet another user remarked that it would be better for OnlyFans subscribers to give their money to sex workers on the service instead of to celebrities like Posey and Thorne who are already earning a lot of money to begin with.