The pandemic has caused so much damage to the entire world, currently, the economies of all countries have been affected by the pandemic. The world closed down its borders for almost three months after COVID 19 became a widespread disease, spreading around the world at a staggering rate.

This has led to economies crashing and the world stopping at its feet.

The movie industry has been greatly affected by the pandemic, with several productions for movies and shows halting for safety and only resuming months after.

With this, many production companies have also halted editing movies that have been finished before the pandemic started.

Theaters have been closed all around the world. The movie industry is one of the biggest money-making commerce, raking in billions of dollars over a short period of time.

Due to the dangers that theaters post, the movie industry has come into a stale, and only begun picking up again this summer after lockdown laws were lifted in first world countries.

The awaited Black Widow movie, produced by Disney has its release moved to May 2021, a year from the original plan of its release, which is May 2020.

The pandemic hit and it was announced that Black Widow was to be released November this year but ultimately it was decided that it is to be released next year instead.

Steven Speilberg’s West Side Story has also been delayed to next year. The original release date of the movie was in December 2020 but it has now been moved a year after to December 2021.

Marvel’s Eternals released has also been moved, again a year after its original release date.

Other movies have also had there released date moved. Several movies in production have only just started resuming filming these past weeks, which means that released dates announced are tentative.

Christopher Nolan’s Batman film, Tenet, has been released worldwide in the past month, which saw it only gathering small traction. It was also a disaster, raking in only $20 million on its first weekend and making a total of $36.1 million domestically.

The Tenet film made $251 million worldwide, far from the goal of director, Christopher Nolan. Compared to Nolan’s last film, Dunkirk, which earned $50 million on its first weekend and a worldwide total of over $500 million.

Disney’s Mulan has also flopped on its release after it was embroiled in scandals.