The Queen has been a big source of inspiration for many British citizens, she has been there when there were national disasters and she has given words of wisdom that has given strength to many of her people. The pandemic has made everyone extremely worried of the Queen and her health, Queen Elizabeth II is currently 94 years of age and with the COVID virus going around, her health has been a number one priority for the government. 

Queen Elizabeth spent her lockdown together with her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in Norfolk in the first four months of lockdown. 

The Queen was still active as a virtual speaker for many organizations that she has been a patron of. The Queen then transferred to Balmoral with the Prince to spend their summer holidays.

In Balmoral, she was visited by multiple of her royal relatives, from her sons to her granddaughter and great-grandchildren, the Queen was said to be in good spirits.

But rumors of the Queen’s declining health were also circulating around this time. The Queen was seen less and less during the later parts of the lockdown leading people to fear that the Queen was not in optimum health.

This was followed by several reports of Prince Charles taking over the Queen’s obligations and choosing to go to London and not to Balmoral.

Prince Charles is the first royal to return to London and resume face to face engagement.

The Queen’s trip to Balmoral has also been cut shorter than usual, instead, the Queen will be spending more time back in Sandringham palace.

There have also been rumors that the Queen was not returning to Buckingham Palace anytime soon, only adding to the fire that she was to abdicate and give the crown directly to Prince Charles.

But all of these has been debunked, royal sources have revealed that the Queen plans to go back to Buckingham Palace and resume her servitude and work this October

Queen Elizabeth II is known to be a very hardworking royal and missing her engagements for over six months has put some stress on the royal.

As for the fears of the Queen not being in good health, royal commentator, Richard Fitzwilliam said that the queen is in very good health.

"It should be emphasized that whilst she has said 'I have to be seen to be believed’, The Queen will therefore be following Government guidance which is currently urging a return to work where practicable, depending on the circumstances,” Fitzwilliam talks on how the Queen follows Government advice.