Angelina Jolie has allegedly banned Brad Pitt from introducing his girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski to their kids.

According to Heat UK, Jolie told Pitt straight out to keep their kids away from Poturalski. But the tabloid also claimed that the A-listers haven’t spoken to each other in months.

A source told the tabloid that Jolie still hasn’t gotten over the fact that Pitt took Poturalski to Chateau Miraval on what would’ve been their sixth wedding anniversary.

The insider also claimed that Jolie thinks her ex-husband is going through a midlife crisis because he’s dating a much younger woman.

“He’s been telling people he’s serious and Nicole’s here to stay, but Ange has said there’s no way in hell she’ll let her within a yard of her children,” the source said.

But it seems Pitt has no plans to follow his ex-wife’s orders. After all, the source claimed that the actor is tired of playing Jolie’s games.

“He’s been miserable for years now that he’s met someone, he is determined to enjoy it. Angelina may be saying that his girlfriend can’t meet their kids, but he’s giving Nicole a key to his house. As far as he’s concerned, Ange had better get used to it,” the source said.

Globe published a similar story about Jolie, Pitt, and Poturalski this week. The tabloid claimed that the Maleficent star has banned the couple from hanging out with her children.

A source claimed that Jolie is pretending that she doesn’t care about Pitt and his relationship. But deep inside, the mom of six is affected by it.

“She’s tied herself up in knots imagining them romping around Chateau Miraval,” the source said.

To make things worse for Jolie, Pitt has allegedly been telling everyone that he’s serious about his girlfriend. And he is also urging his ex-wife to get used to having the 27-year-old German model around.

But the insider claimed that Jolie is doing everything she can to make sure that Poturalski cannot go anywhere near her kids.

“She’s speaking with the lawyers to make sure it never happens,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloids with a grain of salt. Jolie hasn’t banned Pitt from introducing Poturalski to their children.

If Pitt’s relationship progresses into something deeper, it will be his and his children’s discretion if they want to meet the model.