Is Beyoncé expecting her fourth child? At least that is what a magazine has claimed. Here is the complete story!

A magazine contended that the Single Ladies hitmaker was practically gleaming when she stepped out on the streets of NYC. The story was accompanied by a picture of the songstress with an arrow pointing toward her tummy.

The publication says that the Crazy in Love artist and Jay-Z, her husband are about to share the news of another baby. However, in the picture provided, the singer’s dress hides her figure. So, it is not easy to say whether she is flaunting her baby bump or not. 

A so-called insider, reportedly, told the tabloid the songstress is not attempting to conceal her baby bump. As such, everyone feels that the couple is soon going to open up about the news of their impending baby. 

The story ends by insisting that the duo had discussed welcoming a fourth baby into their family. However, the narrative sounds ridiculous as the couple is one of showbiz’s most private couples. Also, they have not given any clue of including another baby in the family. 

It seems that the magazine is in a speculative mood. The report states the singer “could’ share the news of her pregnancy. It also uses words such as “rumors”, as well as, how people are “guessing.”

The arrow that points to the supposed baby bump also has a question mark attached to it. It also means the magazine is not sure about its claim. The article seems to be ridiculous just like several other pregnancy rumors surrounding Beyoncé in the past.

Additionally, Daily Mail has shared some recent pictures of the singer that highlight her figure. It does not look like she is pregnant if one looks at these photos. 

When the songstress had announced her pregnancy last time, it was packed with excessively dramatic and emotional behavior. So, her fans would expect a similar kind of reaction if she is expecting her baby number four. 

As mentioned, this is not the first time the magazine is publishing an incorrect pregnancy report. It has done so for many other A-list celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, and Lady Gaga.

As the singer loves to protect her privacy, she is excessively cautious about sharing the news and the pictures of her family on social media. However, if she has another child, it would surely break the Internet. 

So, until Beyoncé declares the news of her pregnancy, magazines can only provide some random pictures and claim that she could be pregnant, Gossip Cop reports. As such, fans have to wait unless the songstress confirms such pregnancy news.