A tabloid has insisted that Daniel Craig and his wife Rachel Weisz are on the verge of getting divorced thanks to his excessive drinking. Here is the complete story!

A magazine has claimed to have spoken to unnamed insiders and pals and published a story about how Craig’s addiction to the booze is creating problems in his married life. An insider claimed that the actor’s wife is furious as he has got addicted to the bottle.

The couple has been happily married for nine years but perhaps their marriage is in trouble now. The report further suggested that Weisz told her friends that she is prepared to distance herself from the James Bond actor. She also told him to behave like a grown-up. 

Apparently, it is not the first time that Craig has started drinking excessively. However, it was alleged that his wife is determined to not tolerate this because of their daughter who is only two years old. 

The report concluded by taking the actor’s side. It says that he is drinking a lot because of his apprehension that No Time To Die might not click at the Box Office. The insider said he seems to be afraid that the film will be a miss and affect his famous James Bond Legacy. 

In the end, the story states that it is little wonder that Daniel Craig has got addicted to the booze. The story seems to have taken a casual approach as it mentions that the actor has been also careless about his workouts during the ongoing lockdown. 

The Hollywood actor was overjoyed when he got a chance to act in No Time To DieCinema Blend reports. It hardly makes sense that the actor has got addicted because of its delay when all the other movies have also got postponed. 

The same magazine had insisted that alcohol was destroying Ashton Kutcher, Matthew McConaughey's marriages. It seems the tabloid has a habit of coming up with these drinking stories, which are baseless. 

In the beginning, the report creates an impression as if he has been drinking too much in front of his little daughter, as well as, his angry wife. However, recent pictures of the star go on to prove that he is not avoiding his workout sessions as is being suggested. 

Additionally, the magazine simply produced the versions of some flimsy and anonymous friends and does not give any proper piece of evidence to prove these drinking allegations. Meanwhile, when sources close to Daniel Craig were contacted by Gossip Cop, the publication was assured that the story was false.