Ben Affleck’s girlfriend, Ana de Armas is, allegedly, worried that the actor could go into relapse after finding out that Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper are dating.

According to Heat, de Armas is keeping a close eye on her boyfriend because he has struggled with his addiction for years.

“Ana is very aware of Ben’s past and even though they’re head over heels right now and she doesn’t think for a second he’s looking to meet anyone else, he’s still got that thrill-seeking playboy side,” the source said.

The Cuban actress, allegedly, allows Affleck to hang out with his friends and spend time with his three children. However, they, allegedly, have an agreement that the Batman v Superman actor has to be home by 9 p.m. every night.

“There’s wariness on Ana’s part because she knows he’s a major flirt who loves a bit of attention,” the source said.

And after rumors swirled that Garner and Cooper are dating, de Armas, allegedly, started worrying that this could trigger Affleck’s relapse.

“Ana’s keeping an extremely close eye on the situation with Jen, too. She’s worried that her beach date with Bradley could have been a ploy to make Ben jealous. And knows she’s probably reading too much into it, and Ben and Jen would never do anything, but Jen was his soulmate forever a decade. For now, Ana’s banning Ben from any late nights at Jen’s,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It is unlikely for de Armas to be worrying about Affleck’s sobriety. After all, a source told People that the couple’s got a good thing going for them.

De Armas also just moved into Affleck’s home, which proves that they are ready to take the next step in their relationship.

Rumors about Affleck and de Armas having problems in their relationship have been rife since the A-listers started dating.

A few months ago, Now to Love claimed that Affleck got de Armas pregnant. And Garner couldn’t, allegedly, be happier. After all, the 13 Going On 30 actress is, allegedly, pleased that she won’t be at the receiving end of Affleck’s attention.

And Affleck dating de Armas, allegedly, means that the actor would stop hoping that he and Garner could get back together.

However, none of these claims are true. Garner doesn’t think that Affleck still wants to get back together with her.