Meghan Markle, allegedly, sparked rumors that she could be wearing Princess Diana’s Cartier watch without the royal family’s permission.

According to Woman’s Day, the palace saw red after Markle donned a watch that’s like the one that the Princess of Wales owned. And a source claimed that Prince William was enraged.

“William is still so angry at his brother and sister-in-law for ditching the family and allowing a biased biography to come out. He often cringes when he thinks about what Diana would think of their actions. And when he thought that Harry might have given her one of their mother’s watches, he nearly lost it,” the source said.

However, there’s no other information regarding Prince William’s alleged feelings about Markle stealing Princess Diana’s watch. This could only mean that the claims made by the tabloid are incorrect.

This isn’t also the first time that Markle was rumored to have stolen jewelry that belongs to the royal family.

In June, National Enquirer claimed that Prince Harry’s wife was refusing to return all of Princess Diana’s jewelry. A source added that the Suits alum is also urging Kate Middleton to return Princess Diana’s jewelry because she thinks it should belong to her.

Prince William gave Middleton Princess Diana’s blue sapphire ring during their engagement. The ring previously belonged to Prince Harry. But the latter decided to give it to his brother because he was the one who was going to get married first.

“It was Diana’s ring and Meghan just learned she left it to Harry in her will. Harry didn’t think he’d ever get married and gave it to his brother for Kate. Now, Meghan’s seething. She says that ring is rightfully Harry’s – and therefore hers. And she wants it,” the source said.

Prince Harry also, allegedly, confronted Prince William about the ring and said that he also wants it back. After all, Markle is the one that deserves the iconic piece of jewelry. However, Prince William didn’t agree with his younger brother.

“He [Prince William] says it’s wrong that his mother’s precious gems have landed halfway around the world and wants the sparklers back. Even worse, the royal family fears Harry’s marriage won’t last – and if there’s a divorce, Meghan will sell Diana’s jewelry to the highest bidder,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Markle isn’t a jewelry thief. And the Cartier watch she was wearing doesn’t belong to Princess Diana.