Prince Harry’s extremely sensitive and hot-headedness may have contributed to his ongoing rift with Prince William.

According to royal expert Roberta Fiorito, the Duke of Sussex is described as very sensitive in Finding Freedom and this may be true.

“In a lot of ways, it was that Prince William wasn't super accepting of Meghan and how quickly that timeline moved. Prince Harry had dated Chelsy Davy for years and years and he dates Cressida Bonas for a while too. To meet Meghan and then within the first three months going to Africa with her and then introducing her to his brother, William. I think William was just in shock at how quickly his brother had fallen in love with this girl,” she said.

Fiorito said that it was Prince William’s comment about “this girl” that set Prince Harry off. And since he’s very sensitive and hot-headed, he was wounded by his older brother’s comments.

“Bowie and I have talked about this in past episodes about what that meant for Harry, the idea his brother wasn't accepting. At the same time, William said he was actually quite happy to meet the girl. And this put a huge grin on his brother's face. So just from the moment they met, I think that kind of soured the relationship between the brothers,” she said.

Fiorito also weighed in on Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand’s book and said that she was surprised by it. The royal expert was somewhat expecting that Prince Harry and Markle would be painted as perfect in the book.

The royal expert also praised the authors of Finding Freedom for their candid accounts of the royal couple that highlighted both their victories and mistakes.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Markle also made headlines this week after they were slammed by Piers Morgan. The Good Morning Britain host said that Markle should be stripped of her royal title, Duchess of Sussex.

During her recent YouTube appearance, Markle encouraged female American voters to cast their votes in the upcoming elections. However, this didn’t sit well with Morgan.

He said that members of the royal family aren’t allowed to involve themselves in politics. Since Markle is still using her royal title, she shouldn’t talk about politics and elections in the United States.

And if she wanted to talk about these things, she should be stripped of her royal title.