Ben Affleck, allegedly, made his real feelings about Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper’s new relationship known.

According to New Idea, Garner and Cooper have been dating for a few months now. And Affleck couldn’t be more jealous.

Even though Affleck and Garner have already moved on from each other, the Batman v Superman star still doesn’t like the former co-stars to be together.

As such, the dad of three is, allegedly, planning on watching Affleck and Cooper’s relationship closely. Affleck is also, allegedly very protective of his children that’s why he doesn’t want them to see Cooper as anything more than their mom’s friend.

However, the tabloid also claimed that Affleck is being very careful about letting Garner know about his real feelings. After all, the Peppermint actress has always been very cool about his relationship with Ana de Armas.

As such, Affleck is aware that he needs to be supportive of Garner and Cooper.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Cooper and Garner are not dating so there’s no reason for Affleck to be jealous.

And if they are dating, this is totally beyond Affleck’s control. After all, he and Garner have not been together since 2015.

Meanwhile, Woman’s Day claimed that one of the things that Garner and Cooper talk about is Affleck. The 13 Going On 30 actress, allegedly, shares her innermost thoughts and feelings with her new boyfriend.

“Brad’s helping her understand what went wrong with her and Ben because he’s been 15 years sober and often does sobriety coaching for some of his friends. Jen’s told Bradley things she’s not even told her therapist. He was the first guy she really opened up to. It has been hell for her losing Ben – the father of her three children – when she worked so hard on that marriage but he was more interested in liquor,” the source said.

The insider also said that Cooper has helped make Garner feel better especially since she was forced to keep things together for her children.

“Jennifer is giddy with excitement. Bradley’s the ultimate gentleman, and obviously is only getting better looking with age,” the source said.

However, as mentioned earlier, Garner and Cooper are not dating. The two are just close friends because they previously worked together.