Prince Harry is, allegedly, becoming more and more conscious of his growing bald spot because of his wife, Meghan Markle.

According to National Enquirer, Markle is so image-obsessed that she always reminds her husband to look his best. Since Prince Harry can’t do anything about his baldness, for now, Markle is, allegedly, encouraging him to wear a cap to cover his bald spot.

“Meghan’s all about appearances, so when she sees Harry’s hair coming out in clumps, she wants him to do something about it before it’s too late,” the source said.

Prince Harry can’t also stop thinking about the possibility that he would end up like Prince Charles when he’s 40. And this is, allegedly, making him feel even more insecure.

“Male-pattern baldness runs through his royal blood – just look at his grandfather Prince Philip and his uncle Edward – but Harry’s too proud to let that happen. He’s also tired of being the laughing stock of the British press for his rapid hair loss. He’s ready to do something about it,” the source said.

The Duke of Sussex is, allegedly, in touch with the best treatment doctors now that he’s in Los Angeles.

“Harry’s amazed at the success some of his celebrity pals have had to restore their hair and has been getting tips on the best doctors and procedures available. He’s been told it could cost upwards of $20,000, but with Meghan pushing him, Harry’s already spent the money in his mind!” the unnamed source said.

There have been growing concerns over Prince Harry’s baldness in recent months. In fact, an expert previously suggested that Prince Harry’s hair loss might be caused by the stress that he gets from Markle.

While speaking with The Sun, Dr. Asim Shahmalak said that fatherhood and marriage have not been kind to the Duke of Sussex.

“Fatherhood has definitely not been kind to Prince Harry's hair. Stress is a factor in hair loss so the struggles of combining his royal duties with marriage and becoming a father for the first time may be a reason why his hair is thinning noticeably across the top of his scalp,” he said.

Last year, rumors also swirled that Globe gave Markle an ultimatum about his thinning hair. The Duchess of Sussex, allegedly, urged her husband to do something about his bald spot or he will leave him for good.