Melania Trump, the First Lady of the United States of America made sure that her style stood out amid the members of the British Royal Family. The wife of the American President Donald Trump has been to the United Kingdom on several occasions and interacted with the royal members. 

President Trump and his wife visited the United Kingdom twice last year. The couple met the Royal Family of Great Britain during their visit. Melania used a style statement so that she could be noticed while meeting the Queen.  

Trump and his wife traveled to the UK for the first time in Jun last year for a three-day state visit. Queen Elizabeth II had hosted a state banquet in their honor where the President and his wife got an opportunity to interact with the Royal Family members. 

The couple returned to the country in Dec 2019 when Trump had to attend a NATO summit on International Security. His wife appeared stunning on both these occasions while meeting the Royal Family. 

Gianni Casagrande, the Digital Marketing Manager of Moda in Pelle told Express that the First Lady of the United States had been quite explicit about her outfit options for the visit. Casagrande analyzed her trips to the United Kingdom and observed that Melania Trump was giving subtle signals as far as her styling choices are concerned. 

The First Lady made sure that she looked gorgeous when she met Queen Elizabeth II. She showed the world that she was not scared to stand out even when she was seen with the Royal Members. 

Casagrande also said that Donald Trump’s wife has a fondness for bold tailoring and colors just like the Queen. She is comfortable to stand out, as well as, wear eye-catching outfits.

 During her summer visit to the UK, she was seen donning a Givenchy gown in bright red color in the cape cut. She dressed up in a lovely ochre Valentino gown during her same visit in 2019 and wore a matching pair of suede court pumps.

While Trump’s wife looked glamorous as always, she ensured not to go unnoticed by making a bold style statement. Her entire getup suggested that she did not wish “to fade into background.”

In other news, Daily Mail reports that President Trump accepted on Sunday that his wife would be wearing a face mask even when he himself seemed reluctant to do so after the recommendation of the CDC. 

 The President said “She feels that way,” while interacting with some reporters. President Trump mentioned that it would be slightly awkward to wear a face mask while speaking to the journalists. 

However, he added that he would wear one in case he felt it was crucial. Donald Trump shared that Melania Trump likes the idea of wearing a face mask.