Prince Philip, allegedly, received a shocking death diagnosis that made Queen Elizabeth collapse in utter shock.

According to Globe, Prince Philip’s doctors told him that he only has around 90 days to live. When the queen heard the news, she was, allegedly, very upset.

Even though Prince Philip was already 97 back when the dubious story was first published, the queen, allegedly, felt that she needed more time to be with her husband.

According to an unnamed source, the Duke of Edinburgh was diagnosed with cancer. And his deadly illness was, allegedly, the reason behind his decision to quit his royal duties in 2017. However, it is important to note that Prince Philip was already in his late 90s then. And he had every right to retire.

“Philip is near the end. He can’t weigh more than 93 pounds. His face is gaunt, his eyes sunken, and he attempts to hide his skeletal body under layers of clothing. The cancer is the real reason he stepped away from public life last fall and moved into a cottage on the queen’s Sandringham estate. He didn’t want the world – or his wife – to see him wasting away,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Prince Philip is a proud man so he vowed to cheat death. However, those close to him are extremely worried about his dying.

According to the source, Prince Philip also revealed his diagnosis at a party. One of the male guests told the dad of four that he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. And Prince Philip, allegedly, told the guest that he was diagnosed with the same illness.

“That’s what I’ve got!” Prince Philip, allegedly, said casually. And when the queen heard his revelation, she, allegedly, gasped and fainted.

“She fell forward in a heap. Her bodyguards rushed to her side – and kept the other guests at bay until a medical team arrived. Philip dealt with the drama amazingly well. He knows no one is immortal, himself included. At his age, life itself is a terminal disease,” the source said.

However, three years have passed and Prince Philip is still very much alive. In fact, he was just seen driving around on the private grounds of Windsor Castle. Last month, the queen’s husband turned 99 years old. And even though he has been retired for three years, he’s still active and alert.