Angelina Jolie opened up about the challenges involved in being a parent. She discovered that kids do not want their parents to be perfect always.


The 45-year-old Oscar award-winning actress was open about being a mom as she took over as the contributing editor of Time’s Parents newsletter’s special edition. She wrote an open letter for parents while being the guest-editor of the outlet. 


Angie, who has six children including three biological kids revealed that she was not so sure always about her skills as a caretaker and a guardian. The Maleficent actress elaborated it was possible because she was not quite a “stable youth.” The actress confessed she never imagined she could be someone’s mother.


The Salt actress also wrote she remembers how difficult she decided to become a parent. However, she eventually found out that it was not difficult to love and dedicate herself to someone she valued more than her own life, People Magazine reports.


The tougher part, however, was to realize that she had to start ensuring everything was being done properly starting from the kids’ medical to school and food. Jolie also mentioned how important it was for a parent to be patient with their children.


Angelina Jolie admitted she had to stop her constant daydreaming after becoming a mom. With the ongoing lockdown restrictions, the actress had to work from her home while her kids had to be homeschooled at the same time. 


Jolie was full of empathy for all parents with their kids at home amid the outbreak of COVID-19. She wrote parents could be hoping to do everything correctly, stay positive and calm, and respond to all needs. However, she realized that doing so is next to impossible for the parents, especially amid the prevailing global health crisis.  


The actress has however discovered a beautiful thing about children. Jolie feels they do not want their parents to be perfect. Rather, kids would be happier if their parents are honest and do their best. Angie believes children love their parents and want to help them. 


Finally, The One and Only Ivan actress added she feels that parents have to build up a team. The actress opines that both the kids and their parents grow together and it is a give and take process. 


In other related news, Jolie and her former spouse Pitt are reportedly more cordial and better placed after they underwent plenty of “family therapy”, according to insiders. Their fans were shocked when they declared the news of their breakup in 2016. 


Reports have it that it took around four years for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to reduce their differences and be at a “better place.” The former couple is now co-parenting their six children, reports.