President Donald Trump never fails to grab the headlines for the wrong reasons. He did so once again after unveiling the latest testing kit for COVID-19, which could diagnose symptoms for the pandemic virus. 


According to a reporter Jason Miciak from Political Flare, Trump did not see that he put the newest testing kit upside down while unveiling it. Soon, Matthew Miller, the justice and security analyst of MSNBC mocked the mistake made by the president by posting a video on Twitter. 


His video succeeded in generating loads of gruesome humor around America even when the country is struggling against the deadly coronavirus. Miller gave an interesting caption to this video, He mentions, “This clip is great because it's possible to watch it and imagine Donald Trump is a 'The Price is Right' model and not the president of the United States.”


The clip shows Donald Trump gradually unpacking the testing kit of COVID-19 and then putting it on the table. It also includes a voice-over, as well as, some clips from an earlier episode of “The Price Is Right.”


There were many users on Twitter who simply could not resist making fun of the president’s mistake. For instance, @AdamParkhomenko tweeted, “Stop giving us ideas Matt.” @mercifuln8 said, “He set it up upside down.”


Another user @_hockeyStuff tweeted, “If you call now, he'll throw in a bonus travel-size test kit for free.” The user added - “And if you call in the next 20 minutes, he'll double your order at no additional cost to you. That's two test kits and two travel size test kits all for one low price. Shipping & handling extra,”


A third Tweeter user called @js_edit  mocked by adding, “Is he supposed to get a cookie because he managed to remove it from the box without breaking it?” Tweeter user @LauraDayByDay said “Look at him… such a mighty leader.”


Others came up with morbid remarks like who knew that Trump could open a box and the president will also learn how to close an umbrella quite soon. 


Meanwhile, in other news, it was about a fortnight ago when the president promised a new way of getting the American citizens tested for novel coronavirus, The Verge reports. Trump mentioned that Google was working to create a new website that could give a chance to every consumer in the country on whether they ought to be tested or not. 


However, it is now clear that the company is not offering any such projects as promised by Donald Trump. Google came up with an information page on COVID-19 thereafter, which had hardly anything to do with testing.