Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt has confessed that he took the help of Alcoholics Anonymous to deal with his boozing problem after splitting from Angelina Jolie four years ago.


Brangelina decided to end their marriage in September 2016 only two years after they tied the knot in an exclusive wedding ceremony. Their divorce proceeding has reportedly been a bitter and intense one since then. 


The Troy actor had allegedly been in a drunken state when he fought with the Maleficent actress on a charter plane. Reports have it that the actor had a massive argument with Maddox, their adopted son after that. 


However, after an investigation conducted by children’s services, Pitt was cleared of those accusations. It seems the Fight Club actor went on a retrospection mode thereafter and joined Alcoholics Anonymous to cope up with his boozing problem.  


The Oscar Award-winning actor opened up to New York Times in 2019 when he said he tried to remove his “drinking privileges.” What attracted him to this support group was people around him were honest and open about their problems, something that the actor had never experienced before. 


The actor felt people were not judgmental of each other at all and it was easy to reveal one’s ugly side without any kind of embarrassment. Brad Pitt had earlier admitted that he was addicted to cannabis and booze for many years. 


He even revealed that there was hardly a day since he came out of his college without having booze or drugs. The actor was married to Friends alum Jennifer Aniston for five years but parted ways in 2005 before getting married to Angeline Jolie. 


Meanwhile, Pitt was full of praises for renowned Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in an interview given in 2012. The actor called her a versatile actress who is equally popular in the United States for her beauty, acting skills, and style. 


Pitt was promoting his film Killing Me Softly in 2012 when he complimented the actress. He said that given an opportunity, he would love to work with her. The actor also added that Aishwarya is one of Bollywood’s most famous actresses who is equally popular in many western nations. 


The actor regretted not being able to work together in his film Troy. Not many people are aware that the Indian actress was initially offered the character of Briseis opposite the Hollywood hunk in 2004 but Aishwarya refused the offer, Pinkvilla reports. 


Meanwhile, it seems that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie share a better relationship now than what their equation was immediately after the split. The actor was even spotted leaving her house in his flashy bike a few days ago.