Prince William has, allegedly, confirmed Kate Middleton’s fourth pregnancy again.

New Idea recently published a story about the royal couple with a cryptic headline: “Wills Confirms: Baby No. 4 On The Way!”

But upon closer inspection of the article, there is no mention of Prince William confirming his wife’s rumored pregnancy. In fact, the story is based solely on claims that Prince William might finally be open to having a fourth child.

Unfortunately, even this claim wasn’t supported by facts. And as always, the tabloid simply mentioned their unnamed source instead of a reliable insider – with an actual name – from the palace.

It is important to note that all of Middleton’s pregnancies were confirmed by the palace. And the report didn’t come from a tabloid.

Gossip Cop also busted the tabloid’s claim by saying that they have been publishing phony stories about Middleton’s pregnancies for years.

In May, New Idea claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her fourth child. A royal commentator allegedly said that the lockdown might have increased the chances of Middleton getting pregnant. After all, she has been spending more time with Prince William.

Other tabloids have also been publishing false claims about Middleton’s pregnancy.

Last summer, OK! magazine claimed that the future queen consort is pregnant. And they even said that Middleton’s due date is in December.

The dubious claim was made shortly after Middleton made an appearance at the Chelsea Flower Show. While there, the mom of three placed her hand on her stomach and the tabloid claimed that this is an indication that she is expecting.

“William and Kate are expecting their fourth child. Kate’s due in December, which will make the holidays even more exciting. This pregnancy was a happy surprise,” an unnamed source claimed.

The insider also claimed that the royal family and Middleton’s parents are overjoyed with the news.

“Everyone is absolutely pleased. The queen was so pleased. Her Majesty holds William and Kate in such high regard. She adores her grandkids and looks forward to the new arrival,” the source said.

However, December already came and went and Middleton never gave birth to her fourth child. This could only mean that she wasn’t pregnant last summer.

Prince William and Middleton’s youngest child, Prince Louis was born in 2018. And it is only a matter of time before royal fans find out if the couple wants to have another baby.