Princess Diana seemingly cheated on Dr. Hasnat Khan with Dodi Al-Fayed just before she passed away in 1997.

Following a tragic car crash in Paris, Khan was interviewed by the police about his relationship with Princess Diana.

During the interview, Khan said that he and the Princess of Wales agreed to meet at Kensington Palace the day after they saw each other in Battersea Park.

While at Kensington Palace, Princess Diana told Khan that they were over. After hearing this, Khan told the late royal that she was dead. However, Khan didn’t literally mean that Princess Diana was going to die. Still, what he said sounded like a chilling prediction of what was to come.

Khan explained to the police that he told Princess Diana that she was dead because he meant that her reputation was over. Khan said that he was certain that someone from Mohamed Al Fayed’s group will be involved in destroying the royal.

Several royal experts were also convinced that Princess Diana decided to get into a relationship with Al-Fayed to show Khan that there was someone out there who’s not afraid to be seen in public with her.

Khan admitted that he was uncomfortable with the constant attention that he received whenever he was with Princess Diana. He also said that he didn’t want to always have to look over his shoulder to make sure that he and the Princess of Wales were safe.

Royal editor Richard Kay also claimed that Khan and Princess Diana’s relationship ended because they couldn’t agree on the future of their relationship.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom wanted to marry Khan, but the idea horrified him. Princess Diana also wanted to have a secret wedding with Khan, and he knew that this wasn’t the right thing to do.

Before Princess Diana and Khan officially called it quits, the former already met Al-Fayed. Khan felt that there were some changes in Princess Diana, and he knew that it’s because she already met someone else.

However, the Princess of Wales tried to cover her tracks by saying that she couldn’t call Khan because of faulty phone reception. But in the end, the couple decided to end their relationship.

Princess Diana’s friend, Rosa Monckton, said that Princess Diana dated Al-Fayed to make Khan jealous. And on the night of her death, Khan called Princess Diana but he was unable to reach her because she already changed her number.