Kate Middleton will allegedly sit down for a tell-all interview in September.

According to In Touch Weekly, Middleton will be discussing a lot of things during her interview. However, the tabloid was unable to reveal which network the tell-all will air. This could only be because their claims are fabricated.

An unnamed source told the tabloid that the Duchess of Cambridge decided to sit down for a rare interview to respond to Tatler’s dubious claims about her. Middleton also plans to shed light on her and Meghan Markle’s alleged feud.

The source said that Prince William’s wife is tired of being depicted as the mean girl when it’s Markle who has always been mean towards her.

Other than her and Markle’s alleged feud, Middleton will also talk about Prince William’s cheating scandal. Last year, reports swirled that the Duke of Cambridge cheated on his wife with Rose Hanbury.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge never addressed the rumors. And they just died down on their own. According to the source, Middleton will reveal what she and Prince William did to put an end to the allegations.

And what tell-all will be complete without discussions on parenthood and babies. The tabloid claimed that Middleton will also talk about her plans to have a fourth child with Prince William.

During a previous engagement, Middleton said that Prince William wants to stop at three. However, the tabloid didn’t take the future queen consort’s statement seriously.

Instead, they said that Middleton has convinced Prince William to have another child with her. However, the couple isn’t necessarily trying to have a baby right now due to the coronavirus pandemic but Middleton’s fourth pregnancy isn’t off the table.

Middleton will also allegedly discuss how she’s been preparing for her future role as queen consort when Prince William ascends the throne.

“She takes her job seriously and she’s really embracing her duties. She’s grown more and more confident about her role in the royal family. That’s why she wants to take the bull by the horns and put all of the Meghan drama behind her. Everyone will finally see what their future queen is really like – and they’re going to love her even more,” the source said.

As of late, Middleton has not yet confirmed her plans for a tell-all interview.

In the past, her staff at Kensington Palace have debunked the rumors involving her and Markle.