Prince William and Kate Middleton have reportedly changed the usual parenting style of the members of the royal family.

Since they became parents to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, the royal couple has shown how affectionate they can be towards their kids.

This is very different from how Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth were as parents. Decades ago, the royal couple used to shake hands with their four children in public instead of kissing or hugging them.

When Prince William and Prince Harry were also kids, their dad, Prince Charles rarely displayed his affection towards his sons. On the contrary, Princess Diana was a very touchy-feely type of mom.

According to New Idea, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have successfully combined their modern parenting practices with some traditions.

Middleton has also reportedly been very vocal about wanting her kids to be active and to spend time outdoors. And she and Prince William have also been very hands-on when it comes to raising their kids even though they have nannies.

The Duchess of Cambridge previously said that hugs are very important in the household. And every time she talks to her kids, she goes down to their level and makes eye contact.

In 2016, Prince William spoke with BBC to shed light on his special relationship with his kids. He said that he loves his kids the same way any father does. And he hopes that Prince George would love him the same way any son loves his father.

Prince William also said that his family is very normal in that sense because their home is filled with love and laughter.

Meanwhile, Middleton revealed that it is her own upbringing that influenced how she is raising her children. After all, Prince William grew up in a family that’s known to practice the stiff upper lip tactic.

While speaking on the podcast Happy Mum, Happy Baby, Middleton said that one of the things she has learned growing up is how to have quality relationships with the people around her.

The future queen consort grew up under the care of her parents, Michael and Carole Middleton. However, her grandmother was also very present in her life.

While Middleton’s grandmother was still alive, she used to cook, garden, and play with her and her siblings, Pippa and James.

The Duchess of Cambridge said that these are the same things that she tries to incorporate in the lives of her kids.