Harrison Ford has attained the stature of an acting legend in Hollywood over the years. However, even he has not been able to escape endless false rumors and speculations over the years about his marriage, health, and career. 


Last year, a tabloid alleged that the Blade Runner star’s close pals and family were worried about his health before his reappearance in the latest Indiana Jones movie. The publication insisted that people close to him were requesting him to take it easy as the actor got involved in vigorous workouts for the project.


An unnamed source told the outlet that the actor had intensified his workout sessions to a point, which was affecting his health. However, the insider’s claim of Harrison Ford trying to “kill himself” just because he wanted to prove something in the film seems to be slightly far-fetched. 


While the publication did not divulge the identity of the tipster who made such claims, Gossip Cop insisted that they got in touch with the actor’s representative. The spokesperson confirmed that the story was incorrect.


There was another recent story, which claimed the Air Force One actor was all set to divorce Calista Flockhart, his wife because of his passion to fly planes. A dubious source, who claimed to be close to the couple, told the magazine every time the actor goes inside the plane, his wife gets tensed up until he is back home. However, this story also turned out to be incorrect.


Ford and Flockhart are one of the golden couples of Hollywood. Contrary to a steady flow of rumors, the couple has had a happy marriage for about a decade now. 


The duo met for the first time at the Golden Globes Award ceremony in 2002 and the rest as we all know is history. Both of them appeared to be besotted after the moment they met at this award ceremony. 


Soon, the pair started dating each other. Initially, both Flockhart, as well as, Ford tried to keep their relationship under the wraps. The major reason for this was possible because Ford was still not officially divorced then.


However, as soon as, this Hollywood star got the first opportunity, he could not conceal the excitement of his new relationship from everybody. They tied the knot in 2010. 


Contrary to what some tabloids keep claiming, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart appear to have a successful marriage. When the actress was asked how they have managed to stay in such a happy relationship for so long, she said “laughter and humor” are the key ingredients of their successful marriage, Women Working reports.