In a shocking revelation, Steven Tyler, the iconic frontman of Aerosmith, is facing another sexual assault lawsuit. This comes less than a year after he was sued for similar reasons, casting a shadow over the rockstar's legacy.

The recent accuser, Jeanne Bellino, has alleged that Tyler assaulted her in a New York City phone booth nearly half a century ago. According to court documents, Bellino was a 17-year-old model in 1975 when she and a friend met the rock band in New York City. As the group walked down Sixth Avenue, Bellino made a comment about a song lyric, which seemingly upset Tyler. She alleges that Tyler then forcibly pulled her into a phone booth, where he kissed her against her will and groped her. Bellino further claims that Tyler, who was around 27 years old at the time, pinned her against the booth's wall and simulated a sexual act.

The ordeal didn't end there. Bellino says she remained with the group as they headed to a hotel, primarily because she depended on her friend for transportation. In a hotel room, she alleges that Tyler repeated the same actions he had in the phone booth, fondling and grinding against her without her consent. After the incident, a distressed Bellino left her friend and took a cab home, where she confided in her sister about the traumatic events of the night.

Bellino's lawsuit states that the trauma inflicted by Tyler has had long-lasting effects on her. She claims to still be on medication due to the "long-term physical injury" resulting from the incident and is seeking damages from the singer.

This isn't the first time Tyler has been accused of such behavior. Less than a year ago, Julia Holcomb sued him for alleged sexual assault. Holcomb claimed that she was assaulted by Tyler in 1973 when she was only 16, and he was around 25.

Bellino's lawsuit emphasizes that Tyler committed “at least one misdemeanor or felony.” This distinction is crucial for her case, as New York State law has no statute of limitations for specific types of felony sexual assault.

As these allegations come to light, they raise questions about the behavior of celebrities in the past and how they might be held accountable today. The legal battles also underscore the importance of listening to and supporting survivors of sexual assault, regardless of how much time has passed since the incident.