In the picturesque village of Bucklebury, Berkshire, U.K., where the landscapes whisper tales of history and tranquillity, recent events have disrupted the peace. The Middleton family, with its close ties to the British royalty, is finding itself under intense scrutiny following accusations related to their erstwhile business venture, Party Pieces.

Carole and Michael Middleton, parents of Princess Kate, are bearing the brunt of the allegations. Bucklebury, a snug community of approximately 2,000 residents and the hometown of the Princess, recently witnessed a series of posters sprouting around its confines. These posters hinted at unpaid debts by the Middleton family's former business, Party Pieces. Eyewitnesses claimed that James Middleton, Kate's brother, was spotted removing these contentious posters.

"A crisis seems to have descended upon the Middleton family," a local informant remarked. "It's heart-wrenching to see Kate entangled in this web."

Since its inception in 1987, Party Pieces grew under the aegis of the Middleton family. Carole Middleton had recognized an unmet need for children's party favors and turned that vision into a thriving enterprise. The company, at its zenith, had each member of the Middleton clan involved — including Kate, James, and Pippa.

However, fortunes waned as the market became saturated, and the challenges of the pandemic further strained the company. Party Pieces folded last June, allegedly leaving behind a trail of debts that amounted to over $3 million. "The business torch was handed over before it dimmed completely. Nonetheless, there's a perception in some quarters that Carole should shoulder the liabilities," the source elaborated.

Amid these claims and counterclaims, what remains baffling for many is the seeming inaction on part of the Middleton family. With their plush $5.7 million residence and familial ties to royalty, many wonder why the debts remain pending. "The Middleton family's current ordeal is quite unsettling. Their roots run deep in Bucklebury, with frequent appearances by Carole, Michael, James, and Pippa. Even Kate, alongside Prince William and their children, is a recurring presence," the source added.

A memorable evening for the Princess was when she enjoyed a meal at the local tavern, a mere month prior to the poster debacle. Despite the undercurrents of tension, the Bucklebury community largely remains supportive of the Middletons. Many cherish the prestige brought to their hamlet, given its connection to a future British queen.

The prevailing sentiment seems optimistic, with a belief that the Middletons, if found owing, would settle any financial obligations. "The legacy of the Middletons in this part of the country has been largely positive. It's a matter of time before they address this issue head-on," the source concluded.

In Touch USA reported on the sources' comments.