In a recent political rally in New Hampshire, former U.S. President Donald Trump was met with a rather unexpected reception. As he arrived, a protester armed with a megaphone began chanting "lock him up," a phrase that has become synonymous with Trump's own rallies in the past, but directed towards his political adversaries.

The rally's atmosphere was charged, reflecting the polarized sentiments towards the former president. While Trump, who has recently been the first current or former POTUS to face criminal charges, was greeted warmly by his supporters, the presence of the vocal protester was hard to ignore. The 77-year-old's team quickly directed journalists to leave the scene as the chants persisted.

The incident was captured and shared on X, previously known as Twitter, by former federal prosecutor and political commentator, Ron Filipowski. The clip quickly gained traction, with many of Trump's critics taking the opportunity to mock the former president. Comments ranged from praising the protester as a "hero" to expressing schadenfreude over the incident. One user remarked, "Oh, this made my day so far."

The chants come at a time when Trump is embroiled in legal challenges. He has been sued for fraud by New York Attorney General Letitia James in 2022. Addressing the press outside the court last week, Trump stated, "I’ve been wasting a lot of time on a case that should have never been brought. You see what’s happening. The government. The government lied. They just lied." He emphasized that the government had misrepresented the case and that evidence proving his innocence was not revealed.

Interestingly, Trump has previously claimed that his court appearances for the ongoing New York fraud trial have hindered his ability to campaign. He expressed his frustration, saying, "So, unfortunately, I have to be here, I’m not campaigning! I have to be here for this." However, in a twist, Trump later hinted at possibly skipping court for a professional golf tournament at Doral. This statement raised eyebrows, especially since his attendance at the trial isn't mandatory.

The New Hampshire rally and the subsequent reactions on social media highlight the divisive figure that Trump continues to be in American politics. While his supporters remain steadfast, the opposition is equally vocal, ensuring that Trump remains a central figure in the political discourse.