In a recent episode of her talk show, Kelly Clarkson expressed her annoyance over the NFL's heightened focus on pop icon Taylor Swift and football star Travis Kelce. The American Idol winner commented on how the duo's presence has dominated sports broadcasts, likening it to watching a reality show. "It has felt like you're watching the [Real] Housewives," Clarkson remarked.

During a conversation with Saturday Night Live cast member Bowen Yang, Clarkson brought up the unexpected appearance of Swift and Kelce on the sketch comedy show. "It is hilarious how it is literally taking over the NFL for people [like me] who like watching sports," she said. Yang, equally surprised by their sudden appearance on SNL, described the moment as "wild," noting the duo's towering presence.

However, the talk show host isn't the only one who's noticed the NFL's infatuation with the pair. Travis Kelce himself has acknowledged the league's excessive coverage of his relationship with Swift.

In a candid conversation on the "New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce" podcast, the Kansas City Chiefs player's brother, Jason Kelce, posed the question, "Is the NFL overdoing it?" To which Travis responded, "They're overdoing it a little bit for sure, especially my situation. [But] I think they’re just trying to have fun with it."

Swift's frequent appearances at Kelce's games have been a topic of discussion in recent weeks, as their relationship continues to blossom. An insider shared insights into the dynamics of their relationship, stating, "He makes her feel safe and protected, and at the same time, he supports her independence and success." Friends of the couple believe they complement each other well, dubbing them an "amazing power couple."