Kate Middleton visited a hospital in London six months ago and sparked rumors that she is pregnant with her and Prince William’s fourth child.

According to Woman’s Day, a glowing Duchess of Cambridge dropped by the hospital with her husband. And the sighting led fans to think that they were there for a pre-announcement check-up.

Following the check-up, rumors were rife that Prince William went to Buckingham Palace to visit Queen Elizabeth. While there, the Duke of Cambridge allegedly shared the news with his grandmother.

An unnamed source told the tabloid that Prince William and Middleton have been trying to keep the latter’s pregnancy a secret. However, it’s all everyone is ever talking about.

And even though Middleton wasn’t very far along, according to the dubious source, they claimed to know that she was expecting another girl. In fact, the insider claimed that Prince William was beside himself when he learned that he will have another daughter.

The insider also claimed that the second in line to the throne is very proud of his family and what his wife has given him. Prince William couldn’t also help but fuss over Middleton and the source said that it’s nice to see the dad of three soften up.

Middleton, on the other hand, was also allegedly very pleased that there will be a balance among his kids. After all, she and Prince William already have two sons together. However, they only have one daughter, Princess Charlotte.

The insider added that the Duchess of Cambridge has always wanted to emulate Queen Elizabeth by having four children. And her dreams are finally coming true. Even if Middleton’s first three pregnancies were difficult due to her extreme morning sickness, she’s still very happy to have another daughter.

Six months have passed, and the palace has never confirmed the claims made by the tabloid. In fact, Gossip Cop debunked the claims by saying that Middleton is not pregnant.

If the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant six months ago, she would already be showing today. However, Middleton made an appearance on the Kensington Palace Instagram account, and she is as slim as ever. This confirms that she isn’t pregnant with and Prince William’s fourth child.

In fact, during a previous outing, Middleton suggested that Prince William doesn’t want to have any more kids because he thinks that three is already more than enough.