In a surprising turn of events, iconic singer Cher, 77, and her former boyfriend, music executive Alexander "AE" Edwards, 37, appear to have reignited their romance. The pair were recently seen hand-in-hand, leaving Funke restaurant in Beverly Hills, California, after a dinner date. Their public display of affection comes just over four months after their reported split.

The evening wasn't just about the two of them. They were joined by J Balvin and his girlfriend, Valentina Ferrer, and rapper Tyga, who seemed to be part of the intimate gathering. The couple's comfort with each other was evident, as they didn't hesitate to show their affection in front of the cameras. Both were dressed in coordinated all-black outfits, with Cher donning a black blazer and trouser set with a white trim accent, complemented by black heeled booties. Edwards, on the other hand, chose leather pants, a glossy puffer jacket, and boots.

Their chemistry was palpable even after they left the restaurant. Edwards, ever the gentleman, opened the SUV door for Cher. Once inside, the duo seemed engrossed in a light-hearted conversation, with both leaning in close and then bursting into laughter. When prodded by paparazzi about the status of their relationship, Edwards, though not directly commenting, radiated happiness.

The recent sighting has reignited discussions about their relationship, which first became public in November 2022. By April of the following year, rumors of their split began to circulate. A source confirmed in early May that the couple had parted ways a few weeks prior.

Speculation about their relationship's seriousness was rife when Cher sported a massive diamond ring on social media during the holidays, leading many to believe the couple was engaged. However, tensions seemed to have surfaced shortly after. An insider alleged that Edwards might have been using Cher to boost his public profile. The same source added that Edwards denied engagement rumors, further stating that they were never engaged in the first place.

The nature of their relationship has always been under scrutiny, given the significant age difference and Edwards' relatively lower public profile compared to the "Goddess of Pop." Yet, their recent public outing suggests that they might be giving their relationship another shot, or at the very least, they remain on good terms.

While the future of their relationship remains uncertain, one thing is clear: the public's fascination with Cher and Edwards shows no signs of waning. Whether they're together or just friends, their outings will undoubtedly continue to capture attention and headlines.