In light of recent allegations against Russell Brand, a 2013 interview with his ex-wife, pop sensation Katy Perry, has resurfaced, shedding light on potential warning signs of the actor's behavior. The interview, conducted years before the accusations against Brand became public, reveals Perry's insights into their relationship dynamics, hinting at possible controlling tendencies on Brand's part.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand, a British comedian and actor, were married for a brief period from 2010 to 2012. During their union, Perry expressed her deep affection for Brand. However, their relationship came to an abrupt end when Brand sent Perry a breakup text on New Year's Eve in 2011. Initially, Perry believed she was the cause of their split. However, as she later revealed, she came to understand that the dissolution of their marriage was not her fault.

In the 2013 interview, Perry shared, "At first when I met him he wanted an equal, and I think a lot of times strong men do want an equal, but then they get that equal and they're like, 'I can't handle the equalness.' He didn’t like the atmosphere of me being the boss on tour. So that was really hurtful, and it was very controlling, which was upsetting." Perry further hinted at undisclosed truths about their relationship, stating she keeps them "locked in my safe for a rainy day."

Fast forward to the present, and Russell Brand is facing serious accusations. Details of his alleged misconduct were released on September 16. In response to these allegations, Brand took to Instagram on September 15, vehemently denying the claims. In his video statement, he acknowledged receiving letters from media outlets detailing a series of accusations against him. Among these were "very serious allegations that I absolutely refute."

Brand went on to address his past, referencing a time when he was frequently in the limelight due to his roles in movies and frequent media coverage. He admitted to being "very, very promiscuous" during that period but emphasized that all his relationships were consensual.

As the story unfolds, many are revisiting Perry's past statements, wondering if they were early indicators of deeper issues in Brand's behavior. The pop star has since moved on and shares a daughter with actor Orlando Bloom.

The allegations against Brand are grave, and as the situation develops, the public awaits further clarity on the matter. For now, Brand's past and present are under intense scrutiny, with many looking for answers in the wake of these serious claims.