In a recent interview, former U.S. President Donald Trump exhibited a notably guarded demeanor, especially when probed about his alleged mishandling of classified documents. This interaction, which took place on Megyn Kelly's podcast, has drawn significant attention from political analysts and the media.

The focal point of the conversation was a past incident where Trump was seen waving around what appeared to be classified documents. Anderson Cooper, in his coverage of the interview, played a clip where Kelly asked Trump, "What were you waving around in that meeting because it certainly sounded like it was an attack?" Trump's response was evasive: "I'm not going to talk to you about that. I'm allowed to have those documents."

Kelly, known for her incisive questioning, pressed on, pointing out to the potential 2024 presidential candidate, "But once you get a subpoena, you have to turn them over." Trump, seemingly on the defensive, retorted, "I know this. I don't even know that because I have the right to have those documents. So I don't really know that."

The exchange intensified as Kelly further inquired, "Do you believe that every CIA document that came to you as president was automatically yours to keep no matter what?"

Maggie Haberman, a seasoned political analyst, weighed in on the matter, highlighting Trump's consistent defense strategy of claiming ownership over the documents. She clarified, "These documents, in fact, belong to the government. And he repeatedly misstates what the Presidential Records Act says." Haberman emphasized that Trump's interpretation of the act is not accurate, regardless of how it might eventually be adjudicated.

Anderson Cooper, reflecting on the interview, observed that Trump rarely avoids answering questions directly. "He rarely does that unless he feels like he is entering danger territory," Cooper noted. This sentiment was echoed by Haberman, who insisted, "He was more on guard in this interview than I think people realize."

This guarded stance by Trump, especially when confronted with challenging questions, underscores the complexities surrounding his tenure and the controversies that continue to follow him. As the former president remains a significant figure in the political landscape and a potential contender for the 2024 presidential race, his interactions with the media and his responses to pressing issues will undoubtedly remain under the microscope.