The Invictus Games, a multi-sport event for wounded, injured, or sick armed services personnel and veterans, recently witnessed the reunion of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The Sussexes, amidst a backdrop of recent business setbacks, made a concerted effort to present a united front. However, their overt displays of affection and camaraderie have sparked debates among royal watchers and experts.

The couple's recent ventures, including a Spotify deal and Netflix releases, haven't met the anticipated success. This has led some to believe that the Invictus Games, a project close to Prince Harry's heart, remains their last "credible project." Royal expert Kinsey Schofield, during a GB News appearance, remarked, "The Duke and Duchess of Cuddles in Germany for the Invictus Games... they are definitely putting on a show, but I think it's more than wanting to convince people that there's no problems at home."

Schofield emphasized the importance of the Invictus Games for the Sussex brand, noting its longevity and credibility. "The Invictus Games has become the only credible project that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have," she stated. "They've really got to nurture this event because all of their other professional ventures have failed and on such a global scale."

Before arriving in Germany, Prince Harry made a solo appearance in the U.K. for the WellChild Awards. Meghan's absence fueled speculation. Schofield, echoing sentiments from other royal commentators like Tina Brown and Andrew Morton, suggested Meghan's avoidance of the U.K. might be due to her dwindling popularity there. "She's trying to avoid more negative press... She is going to go to some of those places where people are going to cheer her on and welcome her. Where's a better place than Invictus Games where her husband dominates?"

Body language expert Judi James provided further insights into the couple's dynamics during the event. She observed Meghan's initial surprise when she walked on stage alone, noting, "A small hair preen suggested she needed him there." When Prince Harry did join her, Meghan's gesture of linking her hand into his arm signaled "attachment and fondness."

Despite the scrutiny and speculation, the couple's commitment to the Invictus Games and each other remains evident. As they navigate the challenges of public life and personal endeavors, the world continues to watch, dissect, and discuss every move. Whether their Invictus Games appearance was a genuine show of unity or mere optics, the Sussexes have once again captured global attention.