In the ever-evolving world of celebrity relationships, Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian's dynamic has taken a noticeable turn. Once a couple that dominated headlines with their on-again, off-again relationship, the duo now seems to be charting separate paths, with Disick reportedly "keeping his distance" from his ex.

According to insiders, Disick has been focusing on personal growth and spending quality time with his children. "Scott has been very low-key lately and focusing on himself and his kids. He's been spending more time in Miami and doing his own thing," shared a source close to the Talentless founder. This shift comes at a time when Kardashian faced a health scare related to her pregnancy with her current husband, Travis Barker. The source further elaborated on Disick's approach during this period, stating, "Scott tries to be as supportive of Kourtney as possible, but also knows that it's best to keep his distance, especially during a stressful time with her recent surgery."

Kardashian's recent health challenges included an "urgent fetal surgery" due to complications in her pregnancy. As she navigates these challenges and the joy of expanding her family with Barker, the dynamic between her and Disick has reportedly changed. "Scott and Kourtney are not as friendly as they used to be, so he tries to be respectful and give her space, while also being there for her and the family," the insider revealed.

The announcement of Kardashian's pregnancy and her deepening relationship with the Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker, seems to have solidified the end of any potential reconciliation between her and Disick. Despite Disick's long-standing feelings for Kardashian, the reality of her marriage to Barker has made it clear that their romantic paths have diverged.

However, it's not all about moving away. Disick's current stance is one of support and understanding. "Scott is being as supportive as possible while also trying to take care of himself," another source mentioned. While the news of Kardashian's pregnancy was undoubtedly a poignant moment for Disick, he is said to harbor no ill feelings. "It stings a little, and he will always have love for Kourtney, but at the same time he is also happy and excited for her. He wants to continue to move on and focus on his own personal life," the source added.

The couple, who dated for almost a decade, shares three children. As they both move forward, the emphasis seems to be on mutual respect, understanding, and prioritizing their family's well-being. In the grand tapestry of their relationship, this might just be another chapter of growth, understanding, and evolution.