Sunny Hostin, co-host of the popular talk show "The View," has ignited a firestorm of reactions following her recent comments about the 2024 election. During a discussion about Vice President Kamala Harris' waning popularity, Hostin made it unequivocally clear that President Joe Biden's chances in the upcoming election hinge on retaining Harris as his running mate.

"Over the past five elections, where you’ve had a Democrat win, they needed the Black vote. Ninety-one percent of African-Americans voted for Biden and will continue to vote for Biden if Kamala is his running mate," Hostin remarked. She then issued a pointed message to the President, stating, "I would be very careful, President Biden, about getting rid of Kamala Harris, because we will not support you."

Hostin's stance was met with immediate pushback from fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg, who interjected, "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Hold up!" Goldberg, challenging Hostin's assertion, posed the question, "When was the last time you saw anybody get rid of a vice president?"

The debate intensified when Alyssa Farah Griffin, another co-host, questioned Hostin's commitment to the Democratic ticket if Harris were not included. "You would really sit out an election? Are you not throwing away your vote by not supporting Biden if he drops Harris?" Griffin inquired. Hostin seemed to sidestep the direct question, leading Goldberg to attempt to de-escalate the situation by asserting, "I’m sorry, y’all. [Harris] is not going anywhere. Let’s start with that."

Goldberg further dismissed the speculative nature of the discussion, commenting, "So this is a lot of hypothetical B.S. meant to make your mind explode."

However, the debate on "The View" was just the beginning. Social media was soon abuzz with reactions to Hostin's comments. Some viewers expressed their displeasure, with one Twitter user writing, "Why was Sunny Hostin warning President Biden about some b------- regarding Kamala? Sunny? WTF? Not a good look." Another critic labeled Hostin as "a nasty racist that has zero respect for black people and thinks they can’t think for themselves." Yet another tweet suggested Hostin "needs to do better."

The episode underscores the heightened political tensions and the significant stakes surrounding the 2024 election. As the Democratic Party grapples with its strategy and ticket for the upcoming election, discussions like the one on "The View" highlight the complexities and sensitivities of political alliances, voter bases, and the role of influential media personalities in shaping public opinion.