While Donald Trump’s recent breathing pattern caused some speculations about his well-being, his critics are simply not bothered about it.

According to the Palmer Report, several people observed that the president appeared to have trouble breathing properly in his meeting for the last few days. During a briefing, Trump asked his team to answer many of the queries.

It is possible that Trump does not have the virus and yet his being out of breath is making some people skeptical about his health condition. There are several people who are wondering whether he is stressed out because of an improper diet, age, and position.

Bill Palmer wonders whether Trump’s health is okay or not. He asks whether the president sounds and looks like he has a near-death condition or he is actually near death.

 He took to Twitter and shared the link of his article and got innumerable reactions to it. While many people dismissed the president’s health condition, there were others who wished Trump to be actually unwell.

One user tweeted, “I hope he has cancer.” Another user wondered whether Palmer was really concerned about the health of the president. The user asked Palmer whether he was raising such a question out of his concern for Donald Trump or because he was worried about a leaderless country. The same user also contemplated if Palmer wishes to start another rumor.

Someone else twitted that he hopes the president is actually sick. The Twitter user felt that the president being sick would solve a string of issues. However, another used wished that Trump is not suffering from any health issues because he wished to see the president behind the bars instead of getting admitted to a hospital.

It was quite recently when the president was alleged of committing genocide for withholding supplies. Many users on the Internet opined that Trump was allowing the US citizens to die unnecessarily because of his slow response to the pandemic coronavirus.

Such reactions came when the president seemed to trivialize the requirement for more ventilators in many hospitals in the current scenario. Trump mentioned that he did not believe that the hospitals require thousands of ventilators to treat patients of coronavirus.

Trump had mentioned that he does not believe that the hospitals require 30,000-40,000 ventilators. The president shared his views with Sean Hannity, a host of Fox News, per The Guardian.

Many American citizens criticized the statement made by Donald Trump. After all, there has been a sharp increase in the number of people who are dying after suffering from the deadly virus.