Amidst swirling legal troubles and a turbulent political landscape, former First Lady Melania Trump is reportedly considering distancing herself from ex-president Donald Trump, with whispers about potential divorce plans growing louder. Sources close to the Trumps indicate that Melania's primary concern lies in safeguarding the future of their son, Barron.

“She wants to make sure both she and her son, Barron, are protected and cared for — especially if Trump’s headed to jail!” confides a political insider.

Rumors of their estrangement gained momentum after speculations arose regarding Donald Trump’s secret sale of his Palm Beach resort, Mar-a-Lago, to a company led by his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. The alleged sale, reportedly worth $420 million, sparked concerns, with Melania fearing it might be a strategic move by the former president to keep the property beyond her reach. Although these rumors have since been debunked, insiders hint that the once iconic duo's relationship remains tenuous.

In a move further distancing herself from her spouse's troubles, Melania was notably absent during Trump’s August 24 appearance at Georgia’s Fulton County Jail, following his indictment on election racketeering charges. With a staggering 91 criminal charges against him, Trump faces potential convictions that could confine him for centuries.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Melania, 53, is reportedly consulting divorce attorneys. “She’s no fool. She knows she’s not going to be a priority if Donald gets locked up,” says an insider.

Insiders emphasize that the former First Lady's apprehensions are not unfounded. Within the Trump Organization, the helm seems to have shifted towards Eric and Don Jr., with allegations suggesting they perceive Melania, originally from Slovenia, as an outsider.

The rift between the Trumps isn't new. Insiders point to the 2016 hush-money saga involving Stormy Daniels, where she claimed an affair with Trump, as a significant turning point. This allegation, which Trump denies, appears to have caused considerable strain. Melania’s hesitancy towards the 2016 presidential campaign, her delay in moving to the White House, and her eventual decision to reside on a different floor further underscores the widening gap.

As legal clouds continue to darken over Trump – with accusations ranging from falsifying business records to involvement in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot – he purportedly sought to secure Melania’s support for his 2024 presidential bid by renegotiating their prenuptial agreement. Although she endorsed his 2024 run, her notable absence from campaign events speaks volumes.

As the legal and political drama unfolds, a source claims that Trump is urging Melania to delay any decisions. "He knows if Melania throws in the towel before the campaign is finished — he’s toast,” reveals an insider close to the family.