The intricate dynamics between the Royal siblings, Prince William and Prince Harry, have always been a topic of public intrigue. But a new revelation suggests that the foundation of their rift might revolve around a symbolic heirloom: the late Princess Diana's signature engagement ring. A ring Prince Harry intended for his future bride, but which eventually adorned the finger of Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton.

Palace insiders reveal that after the heart-wrenching death of Princess Diana in 1997, both princes were given the opportunity to select a memento from their mother's jewelry collection. Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, was particularly drawn to the 12-carat sapphire and diamond ring. On the other hand, Prince William, now the Prince of Wales, opted for Princess Diana's gold Cartier Tank watch.

A palace source said, “Harry always planned to give the iconic ring to his future wife.” They further shared an intimate memory from Harry: "He talked about holding Diana’s hand when he was a small boy and the ring hurting him because it was so big. It was one of his few vivid memories of the mom he adored."

But in 2010, the world was taken by surprise when the same sapphire ring found its place on Kate Middleton's hand. It was widely reported that Harry had graciously offered the ring to William, acknowledging that Kate was the destined partner for his elder brother, while he had yet to find his significant other.

However, palace insiders have now contested this narrative. "It was all a lie — and it appears Harry’s held a grudge ever since!” They underscore this claim by pointing to Harry's recent memoir titled "Spare," where he states, “I never gave Willy that ring.”

Tensions reportedly escalated in 2017. When Prince Harry, utterly smitten with 'Suits' actress Meghan Markle, wanted to propose, the absence of the cherished ring became a point of contention. The source reveals that Harry yearned “more than anything” for Meghan to wear the ring his mother had received in 1981 from his father, now King Charles. "But it was too late!”

Some believe that this underlying bitterness added fuel to Harry's growing dissatisfaction with royal life. It may have played a role in his and Meghan's consequential decision to step back from royal duties and establish their own path in California.

Whether this ring is truly at the heart of the brothers' strained relationship remains a matter of debate, but it certainly brings forth a poignant aspect of the Royal family's intricate dynamics.