In a recent development, former U.S. President Donald Trump expressed his displeasure following the conviction of his ex-advisor, Peter Navarro, for contempt of Congress. Navarro's conviction was a result of his refusal to comply with a subpoena from the January 6th committee, which is investigating the Capitol riots.

Trump, who has faced indictment twice this year in relation to his attempts to overturn the 2020 election results, voiced his grievances on his Truth Social platform. He argued that the former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, should have been the primary focus of the investigation. Pelosi held the position of Speaker of the House from 2007 to 2011 and again from 2019 to 2023.

In a series of posts, Trump stated, "I can’t believe that these Fascist Monsters have so viciously gone after the great Peter Navarro for defying the totally partisan January 6th Unselect Committee of political Hacks and Thugs." He further claimed that Pelosi and the Mayor of D.C. had rejected the deployment of 10,000 soldiers, which, according to him, could have prevented any subsequent security issues. Trump also alleged that the committee had "QUICKLY and ILLEGALLY DELETED & DESTROYED ALL EVIDENCE & FINDINGS."

The former president continued to emphasize the importance of the deleted evidence, asserting that it played a crucial role in his defense and the defense of many others. He praised Navarro, describing him as the "single greatest trade negotiator against China," and credited him for securing hundreds of billions of dollars from China during his administration.

Navarro's conviction was announced on September 7. However, he seemed unfazed by the verdict. Speaking to reporters outside the courthouse, he mentioned his plans to appeal the decision. Navarro stated, "Look, I said from the beginning this is going to the Supreme Court. I said from the beginning I’m willing to go to prison to settle this issue, I’m willing to do that ... President Trump has been a rock in terms of assistance. We talk when we need to talk."

This incident underscores the ongoing tensions and political divisions in the U.S., even as the country moves forward from the events of January 6th. The repercussions of the Capitol riots continue to be a topic of heated debate, with key figures like Trump and Navarro remaining at the center of the controversy.