BLACKPINK's Jennie has directly responded to criticisms accusing her of sloppy dancing.

In a BBC podcast hosted by British pop star Dua Lipa, released on July 14 (local time), Jennie stated, “I kept getting injured during performances. It was a stressful experience."

She explained, "I would say, 'Alright, let's start,' and then I would keep falling over. I think the impression that I wasn’t giving my all might have disappointed my fans."

She added, "I want to say that I didn’t know how to control my body. I’ve learned to take care of my body since the pandemic. I wanted to be honest. No, I wanted to let my fans know that I’m in a phase of learning about myself."

Speaking about dancing in high heels, Jennie said, “Some people are good at dancing in heels, but my feet aren’t. My energy drops when I dance in heels after my feet have swelled from moving around.” She added that this is why she has recently been wearing boots with ankle supports or shoes with low heels.

BBC stated, “This is the first time Jennie has acknowledged the criticism of her dancing. It is exceptional to admit such a thing in the world of K-pop, which has high standards and strict control."

In response to a question about Korean culture she wanted to highlight further, Jennie said, “What I want to talk about the music industry is our work ethics that we are striving for,” and, “Everything related to our job and how I spent my six years as a trainee.”

She also shared an instance where she broke down in tears after her emotions overflowed following her headliner performance at the Coachella Music Festival in the United States.

Describing herself as a 'nerd' who likes to learn new things outside of BLACKPINK, Jennie said, “When I don’t have work, I just go to a pottery class or learn French."

Dua Lipa, introducing Jennie as her friend, said she appreciates the way BLACKPINK has been promoting Korean culture. Dua Lipa had collaborated with BLACKPINK in 2018 for 'KISS AND MAKE UP'. The podcast was released at noon that day and is 30 minutes long.