Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are facing an onslaught of criticism following their recent claims of a high-speed car chase in Manhattan. This has led to a wave of ridicule, from both British and American quarters, earning Harry the derisive title of "The Clown Prince". The ensuing debacle has provoked palace insiders to question the couple's future.

"A severe dent in their credibility," remarked a senior courtier, commenting on the fiasco. "Meghan was set for a grand comeback, and Harry botched it. Their car chase narrative has more inconsistencies than a sieve. One can only speculate about the dispute ensuing in their lavish Californian residence."

The controversy ignited after the high-profile couple alleged a relentless pursuit by paparazzi that culminated in a two-hour, high-speed car chase through the bustling streets of New York on May 16.

A spokesman for Prince Harry connected the incident to the tragic 1997 accident involving his mother, Princess Diana. Harry has consistently pointed the finger at intrusive paparazzi for her untimely death, overlooking the fact that the limousine driver was heavily intoxicated. Critics were quick to point out the stark contrast between the circumstances, as Harry and Meghan's motorcade navigated the notoriously congested Manhattan streets.

The public response was swift and unsparing. New York police, the city's mayor, and other parties, including their taxi driver, discredited the couple's claims, branding them as overstated.

Despite the Sussexes asserting "multiple near-collisions", law enforcement agencies have dismissed the event as far less perilous than they suggested. The primary risk, sources stated, was photographers bumping into pedestrians.

"This dramatic narrative is merely a brand-boosting tactic for the Sussexes," an insider conjectured. "However, it has spectacularly backfired. They have become figures of mockery and indifference."

Speculations are rife that this incident was a calculated move to support Harry's lawsuit against the British government for additional security during his visits. Following another legal setback, this incident has reportedly dealt a crushing blow to Meghan's public image.

Amid the fiasco, Meghan was ready to step back into the limelight, accepting a Women of Vision award. "This was her moment to shine, but it was marred by controversy," the palace source lamented.

The lack of a response from the palace and a dismissive attitude from Britain's Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, further exacerbated the situation.

"Word has it that William is livid at Harry for exploiting their mother's death in his perpetual quest for sympathy and exposure," the courtier added.

This incident is the latest in a series of public relations missteps for the Sussexes. With their five-year marriage already strained by the fallout from Harry's memoir and their Netflix docuseries, Meghan's craving for spotlight seems to be backfiring.

"Their exaggerations, if not outright lies, have turned them into a standing joke. Not quite the headlines Meghan anticipated. I suspect she's seeking a scapegoat," the courtier concluded ominously, "Harry, beware!"