In the months following her husband's untimely death, country music star Kellie Pickler is grappling with lingering questions and her own grieving process. The tragic suicide of her husband, Kyle Jacobs, in their Nashville residence has left Pickler seeking solace and understanding amidst the devastation.

Nearly a quarter of a year after the painful incident, Pickler was seen in the company of friends outside their $2.4 million home, where the heartbreaking event occurred. Restoration work was underway inside the house, focusing particularly on the upstairs bedroom where Jacobs tragically ended his life. A source informed Star that Pickler has found it challenging to remain in the home and has been staying with friends during this difficult time. "She stopped by to oversee the fixing up," the source said.

The healing of Pickler's heartbreak, however, is a task far more complex than home repairs. A toxicology report from the Davidson County Medical Examiner, released on May 9, revealed no drugs in Jacobs' system at the time of his death but did note pseudoseizures, gastrointestinal bleeding, elevated liver enzymes, and chronic alcohol use. These revelations have led Pickler to reflect on what signs she may have overlooked in the lead-up to Jacobs' suicide. "She didn't know it was that bad," a source shared, adding, "She blames herself for not seeing the signs."

On the eve of Jacobs' death, he had celebrated the platinum success of Lee Brice's album "Hey World", which he had contributed to, expressing his deep honor and gratitude on Instagram. However, beneath the surface, Jacobs was privately struggling. The source mentioned that Pickler was aware of Jacobs' alcohol consumption, but was unaware of his profound struggles with heavy drinking and suicidal thoughts.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Pickler has retreated from her professional commitments, including her position at SiriusXM's The Highway. She has spent her time grieving, leaning on her friends for support and allowing herself space to mourn. "She feels she lost the love of her life," the source said.

Pickler and Jacobs' relationship began in 2008, following a chance meeting at a Nashville bar. Their connection quickly blossomed into love, leading to their engagement two years later and an intimate wedding in Antigua on New Year's Day, 2011. The couple's deep bond and affection for each other has made the loss even more painful for Pickler. Now, as she grapples with the tragedy, she is surrounded by friends who reassure her that she's not to blame, while she continues to wish she could have done more for her late husband.