Sources close to Arnold Schwarzenegger suggest his hesitance to propose marriage to his long-term girlfriend Heather Milligan might put a strain on their relationship. Following his costly $200 million divorce settlement with Maria Shriver, Schwarzenegger seems to be taking a cautious approach towards matrimony, insiders say.

Friends of the couple reportedly can't fathom Schwarzenegger's reluctance, especially since Milligan, they argue, appears to be an ideal match for him. "She's an absolute gem, accommodating Arnold's quirky personality and even indulging his flirtatious habits without a fuss," a close associate divulged.

Milligan also proved her compatibility during a trip to Schwarzenegger's homeland, Austria, where she reportedly participated in local traditions and socialized well with his family. "Heather embraced the culture, even enjoying a beer or two, showing that she's genuinely a good sport," added the source.

Despite these points in her favor, the 'Terminator' star, friends say, does not seem keen on taking their relationship to the next level. His perspective, according to them, appears to be: "I am content with the relationship as it stands, so why consider marriage?"

However, this mindset may not be without consequences. Speculations are rife that Milligan, who has shown remarkable patience so far, might eventually grow frustrated with the status quo. As the source pointedly questions, "How long can she keep waiting? If she isn't feeling impatient already, it's likely she will be soon."

With these tensions simmering beneath the surface, Schwarzenegger's friends worry that his reluctance to commit might ultimately lead to the couple's separation. Only time will reveal whether the actor will reconsider his stance or continue to take a leisurely approach towards marriage.

Globe reported on the source's comments.

Schwarzenegger Condemns Steroid Abuse in Bodybuilding: 'You're Going to Regret It'

The 75-year-old actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger candidly discusses his previous use of performance-enhancing drugs in the latest issue of Men’s Health, cautioning contemporary bodybuilders against steroid misuse.

Schwarzenegger, during his bodybuilding years, admitted to taking anabolic substances like Dianabol, a steroid favored among bodybuilders, and testosterone, consuming "100 milligrams a week" of the latter, and three Dianabol tablets per day, adding up to "15 milligrams a day."

However, the 'Terminator' actor emphasized the vast difference between his occasional use, under medical supervision, and the rampant, unregulated steroid consumption seen today. Steroids were not considered illegal until 1990, when the Anabolic Steroids Control Act was passed by Congress.

Reflecting on his past, Schwarzenegger said, "Bodybuilding was once a safe sport. Now it's not." He expressed grave concern over the escalating instances of overdose-related deaths, blaming charlatans who peddle misleading advice. "People are dying because they don't know what they're doing," Schwarzenegger warned.

The Hollywood veteran asserted that he seeks medical advice from reputable sources like UCLA or the Cleveland Clinic, instead of falling prey to unreliable informants.

Although cognizant of the irony of his advice, given his past steroid use, Schwarzenegger is adamant about advocating for healthier practices in bodybuilding. He urged aspiring bodybuilders, "Don't go there. We live in a time where people seek quick fixes and easy paths to wealth and influence. However, body abuse will invariably lead to regret."

Schwarzenegger also pointed out the severe health consequences he has observed among steroid abusers, stating, "I've seen people receiving kidney transplants and suffering enormously because of it."

The star acknowledges his past but believes his experiences can serve as a cautionary tale. "Who am I to say this?" he reflects, acknowledging his past mistakes but still fervently advocating for health and safety in the sport.

Today, Schwarzenegger's fitness regimen is far removed from his bodybuilding days. His morning workouts at the famous Gold's Gym in Venice Beach, California, focus on maintaining overall health and fitness for his film career. "I train now to stay alive, to be able to do my movies," Schwarzenegger shared.