When Tom Cruise, Hollywood's perennial action star, approached Colombian singer Shakira with a romantic proposition, the pop diva responded with a firm "no", citing his intensity as overwhelming and discomforting, sources reveal.

The two celebrities, aged 60 and 46 respectively, were captured in a photo at the Miami Grand Prix where Cruise, seemingly besotted, was said to be very forward with Shakira. An insider familiar with the situation elaborates, “Tom's interest in Shakira took her by surprise. What started as a friendly interaction escalated into him declaring her his ideal woman. Shakira was flattered initially, but found it too much, and was not interested."

Post this encounter, the 'Hips Don’t Lie' singer was seen enjoying a boating excursion with friends, including Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton. This appears to have dampened Cruise’s infatuation.

Recently separated from her partner Gerard Piqué, the Spanish football star, over accusations of infidelity which he denies, Shakira returned to Miami with her sons Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8. She reportedly wants to concentrate on her children, her music career, and relish her newfound singledom, particularly with individuals who display less intensity.

This rejection is a blow for Cruise, already dealing with the emotional fallout of his ex-girlfriend and 'Mission: Impossible' co-star Hayley Atwell's engagement to actor Ned Wolfgang Kelly.

A source close to the actor shares, "Hayley's engagement has already dealt a severe blow to Tom. Now, Shakira's public rejection adds to his distress. He's surely feeling the sting!"

As Cruise navigates this difficult period in his personal life, Shakira seems to be enjoying her independence and is looking forward to a productive, peaceful summer focused on her family and music.

Shakira Rebuts Rumors of Romantic Link with Tom Cruise, Seeks Focus on Career and Kids

Shakira has reportedly asked Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise to desist from his persistent romantic advances, asserting that she is currently not interested in pursuing a relationship with him or anyone else.

The rumors of a potential romantic spark between the "Hips Don't Lie" singer and the 'Mission: Impossible' actor ignited after they were seen together at the Miami Formula One Grand Prix event on May 7. Their cordial interaction and evident camaraderie set the internet abuzz with speculation about a possible relationship brewing between them.

However, sources close to Shakira have since clarified that the singer has no intention of dating Cruise or entering into a relationship at the moment. One source, speaking to Us Weekly, elaborated, "Shakira relished Tom's company at the event, and they had a pleasant time together. But her attention is currently occupied with her children and her music career."

This clarification comes in the wake of Shakira's separation from Gerard Piqué, her former partner, in 2022, following allegations of his infidelity. Shakira and Piqué share two children, Sasha and Milan.

Despite her firm stand, there are claims from separate sources that Cruise is keenly interested in the pop singer and perceives a strong chemistry between them. There have even been reports of him sending flowers to Shakira as an expression of his admiration.

A source talking to Heat revealed that Shakira found Cruise's continual flirtation overbearing and had asked him to cease his advances. They mentioned that Cruise seemed enthralled after their meeting in Miami, reminding them of his early days with Katie Holmes, famously marked by his enthusiastic couch-jump on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The source elaborated, "Tom was convinced that they shared a connection worth nurturing. Shakira, however, has been nothing but amicable, with no romantic inclination towards him. Her friendly demeanor has been misinterpreted. While she appreciates the attention, she simply isn't interested."

As of now, Shakira is focusing on her children and her music, unfazed by the speculation surrounding her and Cruise. The popstar is determined to put her career and family above everything else.