Pat Sajak, longtime host of Wheel of Fortune, is reportedly considering a cosmetic operation to address what he perceives as an unsightly loose skin around his neck, inform sources close to the 76-year-old television personality. His focus on maintaining a youthful appearance has led him to explore a surgical procedure as a potential solution.

Unlike many of his Hollywood peers, Sajak shows no apprehension towards cosmetic procedures. Insiders say that as he approaches his 77th birthday in October, he is fixated on preserving his youthfulness.

"Pat is fortunate to have minimal facial lines apart from a few crow's feet," disclosed an insider. "However, the one area that hasn't responded well to non-invasive treatments like lasers or injectables is his 'turkey neck.'"

Sajak, known for his stylish attire, often chooses high-collared shirts to minimize the appearance of loose skin around his neck, according to sources. Despite his efforts, they say, the sagging skin remains noticeable, causing significant distress to the TV show host.

The Wheel of Fortune host is eager to schedule a neck lift procedure, but finding a gap in his busy filming schedule to allow for proper recovery is a challenge.

Recently, Sajak, who has been co-hosting the show alongside Vanna White for more than four decades, has made headlines for controversial on-air remarks that some deemed as crossing the line into rudeness. Sources suggest that these incidents have led to a mandate for anger management classes from top executives.

Nevertheless, insiders affirm Sajak's dedication to remaining on the show, pointing to his decision to stop drinking as an attempt to bolster his on-air longevity. This commitment extends to his appearance, as he views the neck lift as a way to preserve his youthful image on screen.

The procedure will require time away from the camera, a challenge for the ever-busy game show host. "However, it's something he intends to prioritize as he's greatly perturbed by his sagging neck," the insider added.

Despite the minor concern, sources affirm that Sajak still appears remarkably youthful for his age. The sagging neck, they argue, is the only trait that betrays his years. As comedian Peter Cook once said, which seems fitting for Sajak, "I have learned from my mistakes, and I am sure I can repeat them exactly."

Pat Sajak Stirs Controversy with Unexpected Remarks about Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune

In a recent episode of the iconic game show, Wheel of Fortune, host Pat Sajak raised some eyebrows by making some surprising comments to his co-host, Vanna White, suggesting that he had been frequenting her garden without her knowledge. The remarks unsettled not only White but the studio audience and viewers at home as well.

During a light-hearted exchange between the long-standing co-hosts, Sajak, 76, queried the age-defying White, 66, about her preferred location for relaxation and tranquility. In response, White mentioned her cherished backyard garden. When White turned the question back to him, Sajak's response was unexpected: “You don’t know this, but it’s actually your garden.”

The studio audience responded with a mix of laughter and discomfort, and Sajak pushed the envelope further by adding: “I’m usually there about two or three in the morning,” he said. “Don’t be alarmed!”

White tried to defuse the situation by reassuring the audience that her co-host was merely joking. Sajak, however, contradicted her by silently mouthing, “No I’m not,” then pretended to pick fruit, stating, “I pick pears.”

Sajak's unusual comments have also extended to asking White about her nude activities, stirring further controversy.

The rapport between Sajak and White has been an integral part of Wheel of Fortune's enduring appeal since they started hosting the show together over four decades ago. However, these recent exchanges have tested the limits of their on-screen camaraderie, leading to an unsettling atmosphere on the show.

The future broadcasts will reveal whether this was a misguided attempt at humor or an indication of a more profound shift in the dynamics between the iconic co-hosts. As of now, viewers and fans of the beloved game show can only speculate.